Kingdoms of Life Flashcards

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Virtual Microscope

Click on the link that says The Virtual Scope at the University of Delaware Microscopy Pre-Lab Activities site. Go through the tour to learn how to operate the microscope. Then compare the slides of the cheek cell and onion root tip. Draw a picture of each in your science copybook and label the nucleus, cell wall, cell membrane, and cytoplasm.

How Cells Obtain Energy

Watch the video. How do the organelles work together to give the cells energy? Record your answer on Edmodo.

Animal Cell Movement

Watch the short video. What is the function of the flagella? What is cilia? Why do you think animal cells might need them and not plant cells?

Cell Compare/Contrast Essay

Go to ReadWriteThink to create a graphic organizer for an essay comparing and contrasting animal cells and plant cells. Click on Get Started and type in your name. Type Animal Cell in Item #1 and Plant Cell in Item #2, then check Similarities-to-Differences. Use your notes in your science copybook to help you fill in the boxes. When you have finished completing your graphic organizer, print a copy of it then type your essay. Both copies must be stapled together and turned in.

Classification Article

Read the article titled Classification System. It will give you some more information about how the classification of organisms is still evolving with the continuing advances in technology.

Eek! Critter Identification

Go to Eek! and play the dichotomous key game to find the names of the critters on the Quia quiz.

Five Kingdoms Webquest

You will be going on a webquest for information about the kingdoms of life. Use the graphic organizer to help you make sure that you have all of the information that needs to be in your multimedia presentation.

When did each of the kingdoms first show up? Bacteria showed up around 3.5 billion years ago, protists and plants around 2 billion years ago, fungi around 1.3 billion years ago, and animals around 900 million years ago.

Approved Websites:


Information you are required to present on each of the five kingdoms:

  • Common name
  • Scientific name
  • Minimum of 2 pictures of life forms that belong to this kingdom
  • State the characteristic that is unique to the life forms that belong to each kingdom
  • How many billions or millions of years ago the kingdom showed up on Earth
  • Minimum of 3 fun facts

Your information must be posted on Edmodo using one of the following multimedia tools:
  • Animoto (or other online slideshow presentation)
  • PowToon (animated video maker)
  • YouTube (or other video presentation)
  • Glogster poster
  • Other multimedia presentation formats must be pre-approved by Mrs. Mitchell

Things I will be looking for:

  • Included all of the required information listed above.
  • No spelling/grammatical errors.
  • Information was presented in a manner that was simple, organized well, and aesthetically pleasing (easy on the eyes).
  • Presentation was posted on Edmodo by due date.