Math Facts

Need some practice? Some of my favorite sites for building up speed on the multiplication facts are:

Ready to take a quiz? I have set up the quizzes on Quia. Be sure to type in both your first and last names. You'll only have 3 minutes to complete the quiz. Make sure you hit the Submit Answers button when you have finished or I won't receive a score for you. [Hint: You'll get them done quicker if you use your left hand to hit the Tab button and your right hand to type in the numbers on the number pad.]

Reflex Math has some cool games to practice your math facts, too! Use your account information to log in.

Math Textbook

A PDF-version of the textbook is available here.

Math Help

There are some excellent step-by-step videos to help you understand not only math concepts but other content areas as well at Khan Academy.

Measurement tutorial:

Manga High

For math extra math practice on what we are currently learning and for enrichment, log onto Manga High.

Math Games

I've added some skill-specific online games that I have found enjoyable.

Chapter 1

Decimal Operations

Fraction Basics

Fraction Operations