These are the prayers we will be saying each trimester and will be tested on.

This link is for an article on Pope Francis' "five finger prayer".

Summer Reading Project

Read Wonder by RJ Palacio, then participate in at least 5 discussions on Edmodo. If you have never been on Edmodo before, then you need to create a username and password first. Once those are created, then join the SOS2020 class using the Group Code: 79q842.
Blog Participation Rubric:

The Pentateuch

Here's a fun little video about what the Pentateuch is and another short video on the major themes that can be found throughout them. Write a paragraph about what you learned from these videos.

Jubilee Year of Mercy

For more information about the Doors of Mercy, visit the vatican's website.

In this year of mercy, how can we show God that we have a merciful heart? By living out the works of mercy, we can demonstrate our faith is one of tolerance and love. God wants us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Watch the video then answer the following questions on theme paper.
  1. What has the church forgotten to do lately according to Pope Francis?
  2. What are the three things the church should strive to do during the year of mercy?
  3. What are some works of mercy that you can do now? (State at least one physical and one spiritual works of mercy.)

History of the Diocese of Richmond

Watch the video then answer the following questions on theme paper. Be sure to state each bishop's importance to the history of the Diocese of Richmond.
  1. Who is Fr. Patrick Kelly?
  2. Who is Bishop Peter Ireton?
  3. Who is Bishop John Joyce Russell?
  4. Who is Bishop Walter Sullivan?
  5. Who is the current bishop for the Diocese of Richmond?

All Saints' Day Retreat

Spend Time with the Saints

Feast of the Ascension Retreat

3-Minute Retreat

Ecumenism and the Catholic Church

What does Pope Francis say about how Christians should treat each other? Do you agree with him? Why do you think Pope Francis is making a point of this? Ecumenism is the idea of Christians of different practices (such as Catholics, Orthodox faiths, and Pentecostals) coming together to work out their differences and become more unified.

Social Action Essay

Type out the second draft of your essay in the Essay Map interactive. Print out a copy when you are done and turn it in. Once you have received back essay map, make the corrections suggested by your teacher, then type the final version of your essay on your page of the SOS2016 Wiki.

Catholic Schools Week Essay

This year's theme is "Star of the Sea is the place to be!" Your main ideas should be three reasons why you like attending Star of the Sea. Complete the online graphic organizer after jotting down your ideas on the worksheet. After it has been proofread, type the final draft.

Saints Research

Research your assigned saint. You will be given a people cut-out that you need to make look like your saint. Be sure to have the following information (in this order) on the back of your people cut-out:
  • Your saint's name
  • Feast Day
  • What he or she is a patron of
  • When he or she lived
  • Where he or she lived during his or her ministry
  • What that person did in his or her life that made him or her extraordinary
  • How we can follow his or her example
  • Your name

The following websites will assist you in your research. You can also find information in the school library.

Nicene Creed Explanation

Leonardo DaVinci's The Last Supper


World Religions Webquest

Go to URI Kids World Religions to learn more about the five major religions in our world today: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Then take the quiz on Quia. Look for the following information:
  • Place of worship
  • Sacred text
  • Central ideas and other basic facts of each religion
  • What is the central idea of all five of these religions
  • How are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam alike and different

What is the Difference between Personal Sin and Social Sin?

Read the articles below (It Wasn't Me and Movie Moments), then state the difference between personal sin and social sin on a piece of theme paper. Be sure to also state why social sin is something we must work against. When we get back to the classroom, work in your group to create a script for the Sock Puppet app that will tell the viewer the difference between personal and social sins and why we must work against social sin.

Living Out the Faith

How did the Holy Spirit speak to Father Kolbe when he was younger?
Father Kolbe was dedicated to Mary. How did he show his love for her?
Why do you think Hitler sent so many priests and other religious like Father Kolbe to concentration camps? Why would he fear them?
At the beginning of the video, Father Kolbe was quoted saying, "I must be a saint, the greatest possible." How did he live out his faith?

The Sacrament of Penance--Detox for the Soul

Sacramentals Matching Game

Sacramentals Matching Game

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Origami Miter

Directions on how to make an origami miter are here. Only do steps #1-10!

Songs & Videos

Immaculate Mary

Praise and Worship Songs

Pope Francis Biography

Eucharist Explanation

Reconciliation Explanation

Rosary Explanation

Ash Wednesday Explanation

20 Things You Should Say More Often

August 22nd is Be an Angel Day, which encourages us to do acts of kindness. What suggestions does Kid President give to help you achieve this goal? How does it relate to the Golden Rule? Are there any other suggestions that could fit on this list?