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Cool Clouds eClip

[If the video doesn't play, click on the youtube1.jpg then on the youtube2.jpg.]

View Cool Clouds. Afterwards, you need to answer the following question on Quia. The questions must be rewritten as part of your answer.
  • What is an essential component that makes up a cloud?
  • What do stratus and cumulus mean? How can their meanings help you identify them in the sky?
  • What can a cloud's color mean? Give some examples.

Mountain Effects on Climate

As you watch the video, answer the following questions in your copybook:
  • How does a mountain affect the weather?
  • How does the windward side of a mountain differ from the leeward side?

Air Pressure and Wind

View Study Jams: Air Pressure and Wind. Afterwards you need to answer the following questions in your copybook.
  • What causes wind?
  • What three things can change air pressure?
  • Complete the following convection cell diagram.
Convection Cell.png
  • What is the Coriolis Effect and what causes it?

Edheads Weather

Go to Edheads Weather and complete the activities. Print out the Level 3 Reports for both Report the Weather and Predict the Weather and place them in your Computer folder.

Daily Weather Map

weather map2.jpg
In which states is it raining?
Which state has the hottest overall temperature?
Which state is the coldest?
Which city is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit and clear?
Which city is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and has thunderstorms?

weather map1.jpgWhich states are experiencing thunderstorms and 80 degree Fahrenheit temperature?
Which state just finished having thunderstorms and is now clear and in the 70's?
In which states are the temperatures in the 60's and are experiencing rain?

weather map4.jpgWhat is the approximate temperature of Seattle? Houston? Denver?
Which city is the temperature the coldest? Warmest?
In which states is it snowing?
In which cities is it around 53 degrees Fahrenheit and clear?
In which cities is it around 30 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing?
In which city is it around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and clear?
In which state does the temperature differ by at least 30 degrees from one part of the state to the other?

Climate Change

Watch A Way Forward: Facing Climate Change. Afterwards, answer the following questions in your copybook.
  • What are the causes of global warming?
  • What are some effects of rising greenhouse gases?
  • According to the video, what are some ways we can slow down global warming?
  • "An economic system centered on the god of money also needs to plunder nature, to plunder nature to sustain the frenetic rhythm of consumption that is inherent to it. Climate change, the loss of bio-diversity, deforestation are already showing their devastating effects in the great cataclysms we witness, and you are the ones who suffer most, the humble, those who live near coasts in precarious dwellings or who are so vulnerable economically that, in face of a natural disaster, lose everything. Brothers and sisters: creation is not a property, which we can dispose of at will; much less so is it the property of a some, of a few: creation is a gift, it is a present, a wonderful gift that God has given us to take care of and to use for the benefit of all, always with respect and gratitude." - Pope Francis What is Pope Francis' message to the world? Why would some people tell Pope Francis to stop talking about climate change?


Hurricanes 101

Watch Hurricanes 101. Afterwards, answer the following questions in your copybook.
  • What are four factors that affect how much destruction a hurricane may cause?
  • What was the largest storm on record in the Atlantic Ocean and how big was it?
  • According to scientists, global warming has affected the amount of damage hurricanes have caused in recent years. Name at least one piece of evidence that the video cites to support this claim.

How Hurricanes Form Article

Read How Hurricanes Form. Afterwards, you need to answer the following questions on Quia. The questions must be rewritten as part of your answer.
  • What is a hurricane?
  • Where does a hurricane get its energy from?
  • Why doesn't a hurricane ever occur along the equator?

Hurricane Formation Animation

Play the animation to see which factors cause a hurricane to form. CBS News Hurricane App

Hurricane History

Go to NPR: Hurricane Season 2006 to learn more about the history of hurricanes, especially along the east coast of the United States. Complete the Hurricane Quiz on Quia.

Hurricane Brochure

Create a hurricane brochure. Using your notes gathered in class from the What Is A Hurricane booklets, create a three-panel brochure using Google Docs. (A template has been set up on this link. Be sure to rename it.) As well as spelling and grammar, your brochure will be graded based on how well the following information is covered and if it follows the given format. All of the following information must be included in the order given. I would also like at least 2 pictures. (See the brochure example below.) This project is worth 20 points.
Panel 1:
Title Page
  • title
  • cover art
  • your name
Panel 2:
Hurricane Information
  • A hurricane is ...
  • The conditions needed for a hurricane to develop are ...
  • The three main parts of a hurricane are ...
  • A hurricane's winds rotate ... and have speeds of at least ... mph.
  • A storm surge is ...
  • Hurricane season runs from ... to ...
  • A hurricane watch is ...
  • A hurricane warning is ...
Panel 3:
I think the name hurricane which means ... is appropriate/not appropriate because ...

My Family's Evacuation Plan
  • Our house is vulnerable to a storm surge if the hurricane is a Category ...
  • The safest room in my house is...
  • When we need to evacuate, we will go ...
  • Our out-of-state contact is ...
  • My family's disaster kit is located ...

storm surge map.jpg
Storm Surge Map for Virginia Beach
brochure example.png
Brochure Example